He gave me his pudding last week, so I decided to give him something when our class finsihed. I’ve prepared some chocolates and sweets too, I wrapped them neatly- somehow I prepared them in earnest. He only gave you the pudding, God damn it, why do I have to try it so hard.

I waited impatiently for the clock until 4 PM and so I can finally be able to give him this paperbag. but when the bell rang, a girl came — it seemed like she was our junior and she was accompanied by some of her friends entering our class, walking towards Sungyoon.

“H-hi, sungyoon?” she was so nervous that her voice trembled.

Sungyoon, who was tidying his desk, turned his head, followed by the eyes of his friends who seemed to know the intention of the girl’s arrival. The whole class are watching and look forward to what will happen.

“Yeah. What’s up?” Sungyoon looks so relaxed, maybe this is a normal thing for him. Everyone in the class knew what was going to happen, and so did I. Instantly I forgot I was holding a paperbag for him.

“Umm, here, for you …” The woman gave a box of chocolates which were neatly wrapped in pink ribbons, in front of it, there was also a letter for him. “I like you, good luck for the next marathon…”

His friends held back laughter and Sungyoon slowly took the box of chocolates from that girl’s hand. I watched from my seat, unable to move, I unconsciously hid back the parcel that I had neatly packed for him. Of course. I’m so stupid. Of course he’s adored by so many girls???

“Thankyou …” he just nodded and the woman said goodbye. After the girl left,
his friends laughed and ruffled his hair, shouting at him with words, telling him to go get her. His friends thought she’s pretty.

She is. She’s really pretty tho.

I decided not to give my gift to him. At least not today. I’m going to eat all the sweets and chocolate alone. Or give it to my brother.

Unfortunately, as soon as I was about to walk home, it rained heavily. I can only chuckle annoyedly because today I decided not to take the school bus and stopped by the cafe to work on the script that will be used for the next new school theater. But all my plans were ruined when I looked outside and it’s raining.

Sungyoon and his friends didn’t seem to have a problem with the rain outside, they hung out at the corridor casually, almost blocking the road but because it’s after school, not everyone was bothered.

“It’s useless to keep watching it, the rain won’t stop ..” someone from the crowd tugged at me who was busy watching the window.

“Leave her ..” Sungyoon suddenly talked when one of them bothered me. And of course some of them are getting chatty to me even more. I’m not afraid of his friends because they’re just a bunch of noisy guys and they’re harmless.

“Shit …” I muttered.

“What’s the matter? Late for something?” One of them genuinely asked me, “Maybe Sungyoon can give you a ride-”

My face turned into red when our eyes meet. “No, thanks. I’ll just wait …”

“Where are you going?” Sungyoon asked, this is the first time he’s asked me. Or the second time talking to me. With more than just ‘Thank you’ or ‘Okay’ word this time.

I didn’t answer. Because I always can’t say every time in front of him. I just looked back at the window, hoping he didn’t ask any more questions or minding his own business with his friends.

I checked my phone and my dad asked me if I wanted a ride or not. I texted him back ‘yes’. I have no choice. I’ll just write at home.

“So, that girl, huh- what year is she? Do you know her?”

They’re talking about that girl earlier. One of his friends opened the chocolate box and ate it. Sungyoon didn’t seem to care.

“I don’t know, I’m not sure …”

“Man, what do you know. You don’t even know your own neighbor ….”

“Hey …”

All of them are laughing. Are they talking about me?

“Hey,” One of them, the lousiest one is walking towards me, “You know you two are neighbors, right? Why don’t you guys ever talk to each other?”

I just looked at this noisy one in silence then glanced at Sungyoon who looked concerned about his friend.

“Leave her, come on …”

But the lousy one still talking, “You watched most of his marathon and cheered on him. But you two act like strangers…”

“Hey, come on..”

“We’re wondering why you guys never talk to each other. Not only us, but Sungyoon too…”

Sungyoon finally approached us and pulled back his friend, “Sorry…” I did not answer and decided to walk outside and ignore his friends. I don’t care how long my father will come, I’ll be waiting outside.

“Hey,” I was surprised when I heard a voice behind me. I didn’t realize that Sungyoon was following me out. He smiled as soon as I turned my head. “Sorry about my friends, they suck…” He chuckles.

“Come back inside, it’s cold outside- I promise they won’t bother you anymore. Come on…”

I shook my head slowly. “It’s okay…”

I thought he would come in when I said it was okay, but he still waited, standing beside me.

“Oh yes, this is- for you…” He offered me the chocolate that his friends had been taking. From that girl. “As a sorry, on behalf of my friends for being an ass..”

“You should eat everything yourself, it’s from a girl who has a crush on you …” He just laughed at that. What is so funny?

“I told you, there are too much…”

“The chocolate or people who have a crush on you?” I don’t know what got into me so I can reply to his words.

“The chocolate… so, here take one-” He took my hand and put two round chocolate in my hand.

“That’s two…” I said trying to be funny. Sungyoon just laughed lightly at that. I finally gave up and ate one of his chocolate.

“What is it-” He points to the paperbag I brought with me. Oh shit. “Looks pretty… don’t tell me you’re going to give that to me too-”

My face is flushed, as red as a lobster. I know he’s just kidding but he guessed it right.

Once he realized my face flushed he seems to regret it. “For me too?”

“It’s not what you think-” I sighed, “It’s- for the pudding you gave me… last week, you said you didn’t like it…”

He looks confused and is remembering what happened. I feel stupid, he might not even remember. It might even be a trifle for him. He won’t remember. On the other hand, I tried desperately to give it back to him, feeling excited.

“Oh!!” He jumped, “That! Yeah, gosh, you don’t have to. The pudding is really for you… I don’t like it…”

I know, he said that. He looked at the paperbag that I brought. Should I give it. Maybe? While there was no one around, especially his friends.

“Can I see it, what is it …” He looked ignorant, his eyes could not be separated from the paperbag that I brought.

I just handed it over to him slowly. “Don’t open it now,” I said, “You must eat it yourself — don’t let your friends eat it…”

He smirked and nodded while taking the paperbag from my hand. He peeked at the paperbag and laughed. “What is this…”

“Just, a simple sweets, for you. As a thankyou …”

“Really, you don’t have to-”

“I know, but I really want to give you that .. It’s my favorite sweets, who knows you will also like it too…”

Not so long, my father came to pick me up. “That’s yours..” He said, “Thankyou once again. And sorry for my friends. But, we’re talking now, right?”

That’s right. This is our longest conversation as long as we know each other. And he’s actually not that scary. But I’m still nervous when I talk to him. And I think he knows.

“Yes, tell your friends that I can talk …” I said again. He just laughed at that.

“Very well,” he said, “see you tomorrow …”

What will happen tomorrow. My brain had gone a long way and I realized, of course, there is still class tomorrow.


How stupid. He’s just telling the truth. Of course we will meet again tomorrow.

“Sure …” and I jogged into the car []

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